Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sundays in LA

Today was another typical sunday in LA filled with a trip to the Laurel Canyon Farmers Market in the morning, home for lunch, then playing with Bella at the off-leash Sepulveda Basin dog park and finally coming home and relaxing on our new outdoor furniture on our roof deck. If you're not from LA and are not familiar with the way of the farmers market, do some research before you head over to one especially on the west side. They can get pretty crowded and overwhelming. My favorite is the Laurel Canyon one first because of its proximity to my townhouse and second because of the eclectic variation of vendors. It is not only a vegan paradise, but there are booths filled with fresh flowers, an assortment of natural baked goods, tie-dyed t-shirts, jewelry and hand-made purses! Once in a while there will also be a pet adoption booth set-up with the most adorable kitty's. It is a must-go place to visit.